August 3, 2021


One most expensive dress watch had a manufacturing fault. Vendor in Bangalore, demanded from customer that, watch be surrendered to this vendor. It will take him one month for watch to be sent to Delhi and part to be brought from Switzerland. But in meantime, no tracking of journey of watch is possible.

He told Mr Hameed to simply trust this vendor. Hameed is now vulnerable as the risks are upon him. Vendor refused to even indulge a senior officer for personal discussion. The above three cases, though have genuineness of purchase established, yet consumer is made helpless.

If, you have used credit cards extensively, then you may have experienced arrogant behavior from vendor. Of course many such vendors use powerful words and jargon to silence the gullible consumer.

Many banking practices almost look like harassment to needy consumers. A very simple mistake on literacy or of documentation on part of consumer is adequate reason for vendor to admonish, demolish and devour the resources of the consumer.

You may have had many instances, where government bureaucracy has failed to deliver expected services. Do you have any access to recourse? Any place where there is an effective action, upon registering your grief? You may have felt mercilessly brutalized by bureaucracy. But, where can you file a complaint? Any redressal machinery? In India, as a consumer of a product, or a government service, you are on receiving end of vendor arrogance. Is vendor arrogance justified? Have you, as a consumer normalized this vendor arrogance and their brutality? Unfortunately, consumer courts too, have become complicated. Many consumer courts have cases piled upon like normal courts.



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