August 3, 2021


The trend of future, is consumers to come together. The consumer must be able to identify the carteling behaviours of owners. Consumer education may graduate to acquire ability to challenge the unjust vendor coterie. Indian consumer will become alert to vendor and brand, that suppresses consumer concern. As is evident, many sellers are perfecting the art of constructing multiple layers of technology buffer, to protect their spurious practices and deceitful harvests. For healthy business relations, it is important to cultivate a loyal consumer base. And that cannot happen if vendor and seller brands show tendencies to demonise consumers. Let us begin this conversation. Let us come together in an agreement that this topic has the merit. Let us take initiative because this cause of relationship between the seller and buyer is a worthy one. Trust in transaction is the foundation of healthy business tradition.

Let us enable, the civilization of trade, to flourish. The bonding of all stake holders in market place needs attention and care. To thrive a culture of good, after- sale service is paramount. Best wishes to all from a business tradition.

Certainly sellers are organized and therefore can control consumer behavior. Retailer organizations and vendor associations are equipped to impose their diktat. But same people will crave for warmth and friendliness when they become consumers. So it is time to learn the craft of consumer vigil.


Vinod Kumar

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