May 27, 2024
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Former UPA govt foiled report on Uniform Civil Code, alleges former judge

While the NDA’s move to check the feasibility of the Uniform Civil Code is receiving wide flak from different corners of the socio-political society, a former judge and former law commission chairman, Lakshmaman, came into its defence, saying the then UPA government sat on his report over the same.Last day, the Union Law Minister had urged the law commission to submit a fresh report on the applicability of the Uniform Civil Code.Even though the centre has repeatedly clarified their intension, the main opposition party, Congress, strongly criticised the move, saying the BJP is trying to polarize the UP voters.

Moreover, the congress party alleges that the BJP-led centre is eyeing at the electoral gains by intentionally triggering the Uniform Civil Code issue.Meanwhile, the BJP retorted that the demand has always been on the prime agenda of the party so it is not a new move or decision.In fact, the repudiation of Article 370, construction of Ram Temple and the Uniform Civil Code have been on the prime agendas of the BJP and RSS.The law, if implemented effectively, will give common personal laws for all citizens of the country, irrespective of cast or religious differences.The directive principle of the constitution demands the government must strive to implement the Uniform Civil Code in its long run.However, it seems that the as the country is nearing the most-awaited UP elections the political parties are extensively clarifying their ideologies and commitments clearly.


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