June 20, 2024
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For PM Visit To Morbi Bridge Collapse Site, A Sheet Covers Company’s Name

The name of the company that “renovated” the British-era bridge, Oreva Group, was covered with a white plastic sheet just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the scene of the bridge collapse that killed 130 people. Rival parties Congress and AAP have criticised Prime Minister Modi and the BJP, which has ruled Gujarat for more than 20 years, for “event management over dead bodies.”

They demand explanations from the in power BJP as to how the suspension bridge was reopened earlier than expected. It had been closed since March for renovations, but was reopened last week. Four days later, it fell.

The corporation was required to keep the bridge closed for 8 to 12 months for maintenance and repairs by the terms of its 2-crore contract. Tickets ranged in price from 12 to 17 once it reopened. According to sources, the Oreva Group’s seven-month refurbishment of the bridge in Morbi left some of the original wires unaltered.

Police have so far detained employees of Oreva Group, the business that was awarded the refurbishment contract. Opening the bridge earlier than planned was a “very irresponsible and careless move,” according to the police’s FIR.

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