July 13, 2024

Flawed MIS affects MGNREA workers adversely


The flawed Management Information System of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Empowerment program is affecting the innocent rural population who heavily depend on the empowerment scheme fuelled by the central government. Some states like Kerala, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh which have a huge rural population have not received the payment on time due to the irregularities in MIS. According to the report, these are some flaws in the system related to the calculation of compensation. As per the law, the authorities should pay compensation to the MNREGA worker if it fails to pay the wage within fifteen days of completion of the work.

The problem is the deserving people don’t get the compensation even if the payment is delayed beyond the prescribed time due to the irregularity in the system. Until and unless the issue is sorted out, the ailing workers may not escape from the clutches of the payment issue permanently. If this issue is not addressed at this moment, though the workers might get a temporary relief from the current issue as soon as the authorities process the Fund Transfer Order, the innocent population may not escape from the possibility of facing such a situation in the future.    Experts say that the government and the policy makers must protect the rural population’s interest. No difficulty must inflict the empowerment program constituted to serve the rural populated, the expert add.







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