May 28, 2022
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Farmers Protest Successful; Farmers ready to return home to celebrate ‘Victory Day’ tomorrow

Farmers prepare to return home after strike ends on Delhi border. The return will be after celebrating Victory Day tomorrow. Farmers are observing a day of remembrance today in memory of the deceased farmers. Meanwhile, the Kisan Morcha will meet again on January 15 to assess the progress of the government’s commitments.

Following the Kisan Morcha’s announcement that the border strike had ended, farmers began tearing down tents at the Singhu, Tikri and Gazipur borders. Materials began to change into different vehicles. Police will start steps soon to change the struggle to change the struggle. Currently, the number of policemen at the border has been reduced.

Agriculture Ministry Secretary Sanjay Agarwal had handed over a letter from the Center with written assurances to the farmers. Despite the assurances of five governments, the Kisan Morcha will meet again to review the progress of implementation. Tomorrow will be Victory Day on the frontiers. Farmers’ organizations have also invited the general public to the protest sites.

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