February 24, 2024
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Factional feud in TMC triggered Bhangar agitation: Police report

A police report, explaining the reasons led to the Bhangar agitation, submitted to the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has identified the factional feud in the All India Trinamool Congress Party and involvement of the external elements as the instigation factor of the agitation in which nearly two people was killed and several others injured. It is said that the region has been witnessing the tug of war between the two powerful factions of the ruling party TMC for last few years. According to the media report, one faction has made money in the land deals while the other faction has not been given any share of the profit gained through this deals.

Provoked by this action, the unhappy faction has helped the extreme leftist organisations and several anti-national organisations to mislead the people living in the area, the report added. As per the police’s ground level report, a group of scientist led by a senior retired scientist has visited the village several times in order to mislead the people, publicising an electromagnetic theory, saying those people who live in the area will suffer some serious disease conditions because of the presence of a power sub-station in the region as the sub-station may create an electromagnetic field in the region. It is analysed that it is impossible to reach out to the people of the region in such an organised manner without the help of the local TMC workers as the region is a stronghold of the TMC. The report asserts, with the silent permission and support of the local TMC workers, AISA, Writer’s Intellectuals Forum and several other extreme leftist organisations have campaigned in the region against the sub-station and prompted the innocent villagers to revolt against the authorities.




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