April 16, 2024
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Erstwhile PM Manmohan Singh calls ‘Demonitisation Day’ as ‘Black Day’


Mocking the saffron party, which is going to celebrate the first anniversary of its first step towards the economic reform, the demonetisation of the highest denomination banknotes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, an erstwhile Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, who is an economic expert, has called the day, in which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the decision to implement the ambitious policy, as the ‘Black Day’ of country’s economy and democracy.

While speaking to a group of traders in Ahmedabad, Mr Singh has alleged that no other democratic countries have ever executed such a coercive policy.

The former PM has asserted that the economic reforms implemented by the new regime, such as the GST, has been badly designed and has been swiftly executed.

He has claimed that his government had articulated a well-designed GST under his supervision during his regime. He has alleged that the BJP leaders including the present PM had objected the policy when it had been placed for discussions.

Earlier, he made similar arguments last year in parliament, criticising the banknote ban executed by the present regime.  

The Congress Party recently declared that it would observe November 8, the day in which the banknote ban was announced, as a ‘Black Day’.


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