October 3, 2022

Explore the land of mystery: Belize

Have you heard of ‘Mayans’? The Mayan civilization is one of the mysterious civilisations. Still, several types of research are going on around the world to unwrap the mystery related to this oldest civilisation.

In this edition, the readers are being taken to a bizarre land in which the ruins of aforementioned civilisation still exist, Belize.

This country is situated in the Central American region near to Mexico and Guatemala. It is the land of mesmerising caves, beautiful forests, splendid beaches, exceptional wildlife sanctuaries, amazing waterfalls and much more. But, the presence of aforesaid peculiarities is not the reason why the tourists choose this country over other similar locations. The prime factor that attracts the tourists is the presence of the Mayan ruins.

There are several mysterious Mayan ruins such as the ruins of ancient Mayan temples and the ruins of ancient caves in this country. Most of them are still protected by the thick flora and fauna surrounding these places. It is not right to believe that the authorities have completely discovered all the Mayan sites situated in the country. It is an undisputed fact that not even half of them have been excavated.

Belize is not a modern country. It has no adequate infrastructure to gain a huge growth in its tourism and industrial sectors. Traditionally, Belizean economy is an agriculture and allied jobs-driven economy. Recently, the country has witnessed a small surge in the economy with the establishment of the petroleum and crude oil segment and agro-based industry sector. Now, however, it is evaluated that the actual future of the country’s economy lies in the hands of the tourism and infrastructural sector which is in fact not growing in a kind of pace which is desperately needed.

Unfortunately, some criminal groups have turned the country into a hub of money laundering, exploiting the loopholes present in the country’s financial system. The Belizean authorities allow non-residents to open and operate bank accounts in the banks located here. Notably, the United Sates has named it as the world’s major money laundering location. Moreover, several intelligence agencies have cautioned their country against doing business with Belize.



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