May 29, 2020

Nilgiri heritage train gets a new makeover

file748jj2folbbm6jpd3af-1551121189Nilgiri heritage train gets a new makeover. In the 130 years of history of Nilgiri mountain railways, for the first time, a coach of the heritage train is renewed with air conditioner.

The renovation was conducted at the Tiruchirappalli Golden Rock workshop held by railways. Presently the 57 seats in the coach are nor of 28 seats in the AC coach. Along with pushback sears, two split AC, luggage racks and LED lights. The side windows have been enlarged and made openable. On the outer side of the coach, its redesigned with graphics of forest, wild animals picture motions. And the roof is now of transparent acrylic glass.

Now enjoy the scenic beauty soaked with natural air. The trip starts from Mettupalayam stations that after 8kms from Kallar station and the train drives through the forest.

However, the AC coach won’t allow the travellers to experience the natural atmosphere but the scenery beauty can be viewed well.


Photo Courtesy : Google/ images are subject to copyright

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