September 26, 2022
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Due to fear of its imminent failure Congress raises fake allegations, alleges Yeddyurappa

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Karnataka BJP strongman Yeddyurappa, who was the former Chief Minister of the state, has alleged that the Congress party has raised fake allegations against him due to the fear of its imminent failure in the general election –which is just few weeks away.

Recently, the Grand Old Party alleged that the BJP leader paid at least 1800 crore Indian rupees to a BJP top leader to avoid a Lokpal probe into the cases he faced in the recent past.

Putting the BJP in the state of deep trouble, the Congress party also demanded a Lokpal probe into the allegation.

Dismissing the allegation as malicious, the former CM has retorted that the leaders of Congress have publicised the story with the help of media houses to gain political mileage.

The BJP stalwart has indirectly dared the Congress party to fight the election on the plank of development. He has also claimed that the Congress leaders are very frustrated with the increasing popularity of the BJP government and its leadership headed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah.

He has also pointed out that the Income Tax department has already probed all allegations against him and found them as baseless.

This moment, the big question needed to be asked is “do pre-poll survey reports worry the Congress leaders”.


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