August 3, 2021

Explore the land of mystery: Belize

The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the first wilderness sanctuary for the jaguar. It is believed that there are nearly 700 jaguars live here. The sanctuary authorities arrange several opportunities for the travellers to explore the beauty of the sanctuary. It is an ideal place for plant spotting and bird watching.

San Pedro Townis where the travellers normally choose to stay when they visit this country. Almost all the tourist locations are situated near this town. There are several restaurants and hotels here. But, they all are very expensive. In general, the trip to this country is normally more expensive than the trip to any other South American country.

The transport facility available in this country is very primitive. The bicycle transport and golf cart transport are the two prime transport facilities widely used among the travellers.

Placencia is the most popular coastal region in the country. There are some mesmerising beaches here. The prime attraction is that compared to other places this region is less expensive and more peaceful.

Belize zoo is not an ordinary zoo. It is a place where those animals which have been collected by individuals are trained to help them readapt the wild environment. The zoo is designed in a very peculiar manner. It is an ideal place for the wildlife and forest lovers.

Caye Caulkeris a small island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a popular party spot. There are several restaurants, bars and cheap accommodation available here. It is easily accessible through the water.

The Great Blue Hole is the most popular tourist location in the country. It is actually a dive destination. As the diver goes more deep into this hole, the water becomes more clear and the spot turns more adventurous.

It is an admirable fact that the Belizeans show extreme importance in protecting their beaches, coral reefs, flora and fauna, caves and wildlife.

Belize is the member of CARICOM, CELAC and SICA. It is the only country which holds membership in all the three organisations. This makes this country more stable and peaceful compared to other similar countries.





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