April 22, 2024
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“Entire Ecosystem Was Jubilant”: PM’s Dig At Rahul Gandhi Over Speech

A day after the Congressman’s scathing criticism of him tied to billionaire Gautam Adani, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made multiple jabs at him in parliament today without identifying him.

“Yesterday, after some people’s remarks in Lok Sabha, I was watching. The entire ‘ecosystem’ was excited. Supporters were jubilant. Some people were very happy, saying, ‘yeh hui na baat (this is how it should be),” PM Modi said in Lok Sabha, replying to a debate on President Droupadi Murmu’s speech at the start of the Budget session.

“Some were so happy with the speech, they didn’t even come today. He must have slept well last night. And that’s why he couldn’t wake up this morning,” said the Prime Minister.

In the midst of the PM’s address, Rahul Gandhi came and witnessed many of the jabs. According to PM Modi, some individuals are “absolutely drowning in disappointment” as a result of the Congress’ alleged involvement in corruption scandals and “compulsive criticism.”

The PM repeatedly attacked the Congress while citing a Harvard University report. “Many locals are obsessed with “studies” from Harvard University. Every major university, in my opinion, will research how the Congress fell and even who was to blame.”

Rahul Gandhi charged Prime Minister Modi with assisting Gautam Adani yesterday. Adani’s firms are in the news after US-based short-seller Hindenburg Research said the company had engaged in stock manipulation and accounting fraud. Today, some of the speech was deleted.

As a key demand of the opposition parties, a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) investigation into the Hindenburg report was left out of the PM’s speech, according to Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress leader alleged that the Prime Minister avoided addressing accusations of crony capitalism and omitted any reference of Adani, asking “Why were my remarks erased.”

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