September 23, 2023
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Emergency flight to Kabul; Air India flight will depart from Delhi at 12.30 pm

The plane will return immediately to Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. The Air India flight will leave Delhi at 8.30 pm and reach Kabul at 12.30 pm. The Central Government has directed Air India to prepare two more aircraft. Staff have also been instructed to prepare for the emergency flight to Kabul-Delhi. The Twitter account of the Afghan embassy in Delhi has been hacked.

Meanwhile, the Kabul airport was crowded with people fleeing the country. Meanwhile, there were reports of gunfire and several people were injured. The announcement of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan is expected soon after the Taliban hoisted the flag at the presidential palace in Kabul.

The capital, Kabul, has been surrounded by militants from all sides, with Afghan forces retreating without resistance. The Taliban arrived at the president’s palace for talks before launching an attack across the city limits. President Ashraf Ghani had no choice but to step down. The agreement is to rule the interim government until the transfer of power is complete. Former Interior Minister Ali Ahmed Jalali is also expected to lead the interim government.

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