December 10, 2023
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During the wedding ceremony, the groom deviates from custom by touching the bride’s feet

All Indian marriages include customs and rituals that have been upheld for many years. However, a lot of people are slowly but surely shattering preconceptions and adding new customs to the established ones. Like one groom, Arnav Roy, who, after they had exchanged vows, caressed his bride’s feet. Over 7 million people have viewed the wedding video that was recently uploaded on Instagram.

Couples these days frequently include elements that nicely express their thoughts when organising a wedding to make their special day meaningful in their own way. Arnav and Diti Garodia had a beautiful wedding ceremony, and during the ceremony, the groom unexpectedly bowed down to touch his wife’s feet, shocking everyone in attendance.

As is customary, the woman brushes her husband’s feet to ask for blessings, so the priest officiating the event wasn’t exactly delighted either. Arnav broke tradition, but he did it nevertheless, and the surprised bride couldn’t help but smile. The pair then exchanged embraces before continuing with other ceremonies.

Garodia captioned the photo, saying, “Our pandit didn’t like this at all.” But after the ceremony, he said in a whisper, “You are one very lucky girl,” she said. She said, “Marry your equal in every way!”

The wedding video was recently released on Instagram with the inlay text “a core memory,” even though the pair wed in a lovely ceremony in November of last year, the same month that Roy proposed to her.

As others greeted the newlyweds, several praised Roy for his new ritual and noted that while it may seem tiny, it goes a long way to demonstrating that in marriage, no one is better.

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