July 23, 2024
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Tripura sounds alarm following Bangladesh dengue outbreak

The Indian state of Tripura has raised a loud alarm in the state, following the rapid outbreak of dengue fever in the South Asian country of Bangladesh, which shares a border with the state.

The Tripura government has initiated all possible measures to educate people about the potential risk.

Daily, hundreds of people cross the border that separates Tripura and Bangladesh. This proves how vulnerable the state is.

Educating people about the potential danger is the most feasible method that can be used in this juncture in the state.

Since this beginning of this year, more than 15, 000 dengue cases have been reported from Bangladesh. Notably, of this, nearly 10, 000 cases have been reported after July 1.

Recently, during a party meeting, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asserted that the country was doing everything possible to contain the outbreak of the fever.

Dengue is a serious illness. It needs serious medical attention. It is not a fatal disease. But, it left unattended, it can be fatal.

Bangladesh is the neighbour of India. Apart from Tripura, the country shares borders with four other Indian states. They are West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram. These states are also vulnerable as that of Tripura.

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