May 20, 2024
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Dressing for Success

dressYou are what you dress, and how you dress is how people will perceive you. With a clean cut stylish look you carry a sense of power and you are able to obtain confidence. Many youngsters these days have their own fashion which they prefer to sport rather than the traditional suit and tie, and as for the older generations well, they have the old school style at times however as the years pass some may lose interest in being in tip top shape for the office every day. So what is the focus here? How to dress properly so that you can catch your bosses’ eye for the next promotion, yet in style so that you still have the ladies heads turning as you walk by.

First men, when it comes to dressing for the office remember putting together the office look isn’t as simple as putting together the simple t-shirt and jeans look. It requires a certain sense of thought and the ability to contrast the colours. And keep in mind even in wearing a suit or the formal office look there is mix n’ match.

When it comes to wearing dark pants, always stick with the black. It’s just safe, because black goes with any colour at most times. But gentlemen make sure to NEVER put together a pair of black pants with a black dress shirt for the office save that for the formal evenings. Otherwise it’s best to pair the black shirt say with a pair of cream or white colour dress pants. If you are more interested in wearing patterns, keep in mind that certain patterns may have the tendency to make you look older than you are or for men on the plumier side a little more overweight than they really are. However for the youngsters, who are drawn towards this old style look of patterns, make sure you know how to wear it, which is basically with confidence. When it comes to suit coats, it has to be simple and spick, only then will you have a clean look.

Make sure that it is fitting, and the hand is the perfect length. And to bring attention to the perfect hand length of the shirt, match it with a nice pair of expensive simply looking silver, black or gold cufflinks which you can make statement with.

Now when it comes to certain types of tie, here’s how you play it. The dark tie should go with the light coloured shirt. The light tie vice versa with the dark coloured shirt, learn to play around with patterns though when it comes to ties. Express or make a statement with the tie, but don’t overdo it. When I say don’t overdo it I mean don’t go buying ties with clowns and crazy images like Christmas trees for the season. When it comes to the type of shoes, pair it with the classic black, or brown depending on the suit colour match it. When it comes to light dark navy blue coloured suits, you can wear the dark coffee brown leather dress shoes, otherwise here’s the tip to remember: black is always the safest colour to stick with especially when it comes to the pair of socks which you wear with your shoes. Don’t go wearing thick boyish white socks, it’s just too retro.

Then when it comes to accessories there’s the usual watch, briefcase, andthe handkerchief. Make sure you wear a watch that is branded. Give it importance. When it comes to carrying the briefcase go for a nice leather made one that says top class. The handkerchief which is just made to stick out of the pocket with its triangle shape should again contrast with the outfit which you are wearing. When the person whose hand you are shaking when you attend an important meeting know that they tend to take note of your handshake plus your wrist watch.

Always know that when you dress your best, and you walk into the office, it turns heads, and gives an impression of your character. This reflection will only help you in the long run so don’t forget “style is class.”

Denisha Sahadevan


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