May 30, 2024
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Delivery partners of Zomato in Kolkata to go on strike Today

A group of delivery partners of online-based food delivery company Zomato has declared their decision to go on strike against the delivery of pork and beef through the platform.

The group has expressed their disinterest to deliver port and beef. The group is based in Kolkata.

It is the first time that the company has faced such a problem. Not anything in the past the company has confronted anything like that.

The company says that it is looking to solve the issue as early as possible. It adds that it would try to convince the group about the practical difficulty to implement their demand.

It is very unfortunate that such a demand has emerged in the diverse country of India. The company has also expressed their shock about that.

The company meanwhile said that only few people are involved in the issue. The company adds that every partner of the company is informed about the policies of the firm and the nature of the job at the time of his induction into the role itself.

Fortunately, most delivery partners, who have been contacted asking their opinion about the issue, have rejected the argument, saying that they cannot understand that logic.

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