December 6, 2023
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Deaths In Rajasthan Cylinder Blast Up To 23, Groom’s Parents Also Killed

The father of the groom and four additional victims passed away from their injuries in a hospital on Tuesday, bringing the total number of fatalities from the cylinder explosion at a wedding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, to 23.
Over 50 people were hurt when a cylinder exploded at Bhungra hamlet in the Shergarh subdivision on Thursday, starting a fire.

While his 55-year-old father Sagat Singh was fighting for his life, the mother of the bride, Surendra Singh, Dhapu Kanwar, passed away on Monday. Tuesday saw his death.

All of the victims who passed away had at least 50% burn injuries, according to Raj Shree Behra, superintendent of the MG Hospital, and were all taken to the ICU.

Along with Sagat Singh, other victims on Tuesday who perished from injuries included Sugan Kanwar (35), Sooraj Kanwar (50), Aaidan Singh (8), and Dilip Sain (27). 24 doctors, including a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a paediatric surgeon, and an anaesthetist, according to Behra, are assisting in the care of the injured around-the-clock.

Ten children and eleven women also perished. Some families have suffered multiple losses as a result of the incident. The bride’s nephew Rawal Singh, age 13, is the only member of his immediate family still alive after his mother Jassu Kanwar and brother Lokendra Singh passed away on Monday from injuries. Due to a health issue, his father passed away in 2018.

Rawal Singh left the house barely a few minutes before the explosion.

“We are unable to come to terms with what has happened. Should we be thankful that he is alive or mourn the demise of his mother and brother,” said Sang Singh, brother of the groom.

District collector Himanshu Gupta visited the hospital and reviewed the arrangements and treatment of the injured.

“Some of the relatives had wished the injured to be taken to other centres but the best care and treatment is being provided here. Even a team of experts from Jaipur had expressed its satisfaction about the arrangements,” said Gupta.

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