August 16, 2022
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Dancing in the middle of road with drugs; Young man arrested who directed a short film against drug abuse

The director of a short film who danced on a traffic signal pole in the middle of the night with drugs has been arrested. Vishnu Raj (34), a resident of Pallimukku, Ernakulam, was arrested by the police who directed anti – drug films. He was found in possession of the drug methylene dioxin aphidamine. Vishnuraj was taken into custody by the Koratti police. The car was also taken into police custody.

Chalakudy DySP CR Santosh and his group were seen dancing on Vishnu Road at 2.30 am on their way back from Kochi. The car was parked nearby. The woman and her husband were in the car besides Vishnu when the police inquired. They were on their way to visit a friend in Iringalakuda in connection with the production of a new short film when the director got drunk and stopped the car and danced on the road. The couple was also questioned by police. The couple was released because they were not involved in the incident.

Police are investigating how he got drugs. According to police, Vishnurajan directed short films to educate the youth on how to prevent drug abuse.

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