July 17, 2024
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Cyclone Ockhi impact: heavy rain batters ‘South’


Putting the people in the unpleasant pit of fear and miseries, the Cyclone Ockhi is battering some southern states and union territories.

It has been reported that the disastrous cyclone was actually formed as a result of a deep depression occurred in the Bay of Bengal.

The cyclone has contributed severe rains in several regions located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The heavy rain has badly affected several people, particularly those people living near the coastal regions and depend on the job of fishing. Several fishermen have been left stranded in the deep sea.  

Some concerned authorities have suspended the operations of the educational institutions, which comes under their jurisdiction.

As the cyclone is slowly getting intensified and moving towards the Arabian Sea, some regions of Kerala and Lakshadweep are likely to get severe rainfall in the coming hours.

The Kerala government has directed all the departments to function in a well-coordinated manner to reduce the ailments associated with the unexpected cyclone.

Transportation facilities, electricity, water distribution facilities and similar government services have been seriously disrupted.        

At this moment, it is not clear that how many people have lost life and how much financial damage has been created by the ferocious cyclone.

It is learned that the state governments are doing their best to bring the situation under control.


Vignesh. S. G

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