August 17, 2022
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Cruise Drug Party Case; Aryan Khan did not appear for questioning and replied that he was suffering from fever

Aryan Khan to be questioned by NCB’s new probe team in drug case Aryan was summoned to appear for questioning on Sunday but was told he could not be reached due to a slight fever. Aryan will be questioned another day.

Aryan and co-accused Arbas Merchant Anjit Kumar will also be questioned again. The case is being probed by a team led by NCB Deputy DG Sanjay Singh. Aryan Khan, who was granted bail in the case, was released from jail on October 30. Bombay high court  granted bail on 14 conditions, including signing a petition to the NCB office every Friday.

Meanwhile, another witness came to the scene with the revelation that Aryan Khan was trapped in a drug case. According to Vijay Pagare, Kiran Gosavi, Manish Banushali and Sunil Patil had allegedly threatened Shah Rukh Khan and tried to extort money from him. Vijay Pagare has been working with Sunil Patil for six months. Days before Aryan’s arrest, Kiran Gosavi, Manish Banushali and Sunil Patil were staying at a hotel in Mumbai.

He was only told that a big deal was going to happen. When he reached the NCB office, he saw the media persons. Upon investigation, it was discovered that it was Aryan Khan who was trapped. Vijay had said that he had tried to inform Aryan’s lawyer. Pagare told a Marathi channel that he had heard Banu Shali talking about Pooja Dudhlani, Shah Rukh’s manager, for Rs 25 crore. The BJP leader also came out with allegations that there was a conspiracy behind the Aryan Khan case. Mohit Kampoj alleged that Sunil Patil was a close associate of top NCP leaders who had hatched a scheme to extort money from Kiran Gosavi.

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