December 6, 2021
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CPM condemns RNI’s decision to cancel the registration of its mouthpiece in Tripura


Alleging that the Saffron regime, which rules the state of Tripura now, would go any extent to stifle the voice of democratic forces, the Communist Party of India, one of the most powerful leftist parties in the country, has condemned the Registrar of Newspapers for India’s decision to cancel the registration of its mouthpiece in the state ‘Desher Katha’.

As per a report, the notice was served to the newspaper last day and the newspaper has not been released today for that reason.

It is the first time in the several-decades-old history of this newspaper an edition has been cancelled or blocked.

A top CPM leader alleges that it is a politically motivated decision. He adds that it is the part of the BJP’s attempt to stifle the voice of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Meanwhile, the RNI asserts that they have genuine reasons to take action against the CPI (M) Tripura mouthpiece.

It is said that it is the decision of the newspaper to change the ownership is the reason that has prompted the RNI to take a stiff action against the newspaper, which was once the most powerful element behind the growth of communist parties in the state.


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