May 25, 2024
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COVID-19: Global death toll exceeds 7000 as total cases stand above 175500

The number of novel coronavirus cases globally stood at 175,530 with 7,007 deaths, across 145 countries and territories at 10:30 pm (IST) on Monday, as per the tally compiled by AFP from official sources. Since 10:30 pm on Sunday there are 587 new deaths reported and 11,597 new cases globally.

As per the data collected by AFP offices from national authorities and knowledge from the earth Health Organization (WHO), take into account the actual fact that criteria for counting victims and coronavirus screening practices vary from country to country.

China – excluding Hong Kong and Macau – where the epidemic was declared in late December, possesses so far declared 80,860 cases, including 3,213 deaths, with 67,490 people recovered. The country declared 16 new cases and 14 new fatalities since Sunday.

Outside China, there are 3,794 deaths by 1700 GMT Monday – 573 new fatalities since Sunday 1700 GMT – out of 94,676 cases, of which 11,581 were new. The worst-hit nation after China is Italy with 2,158 deaths (27,980 cases), Iran with 853 fatalities (14,991 cases), Spain with 309 deaths (9,191 cases) and France with 127 deaths (5,423 cases).

Since 10:30 pm on Sunday, Portugal, Bahrain, Hungary, Guatemala and Luxembourg have announced their first fatalities. Trinidad and Tobago, Liberia and Tanzania have diagnosed their first cases.

By 1700 GMT Monday, Asia had listed 92,260 cases and ,337 deaths, Europe 61,073 cases and a few of, 711 deaths, the middle East 16,530 cases and 869 deaths, the us and Canada 4,126 cases and 70 deaths, Latin America and thus the Caribbean 815 cases and seven deaths, Africa 374 cases and eight deaths, and Oceania 358 cases and five deaths.

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