July 18, 2024
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Conrad Sangam to become Meghalaya CM


A former deputy Chief Minister, Conrad Sangam, who is the son of former Chief Minister P A Sangma, is set to become the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, the eastern state which recently witnessed an assembly election along with its neighbours, Nagaland and Tripura.

Though the Congress party has emerged as a single largest party in the state by winning at least twenty-one seats of sixty seats, it has failed to form a government, as its efforts to attract regional parties towards it to secure the magic number required to form the government have not succeeded.

It has been the United Democratic Party, which has wristed around six crucial seats, turned the political atmosphere of the state in favour of the Bharatya Janata Party.

The UDP, after turning down the offers made by the senior leaders of the Grand Old Party, has responded positively to the saffron-supported coalition of the National People’s Party and BJP, with a single condition that Conrad Sangam should inducted as the Chief Minister.

Hours after the single largest party of the state’s failed attempt form the government, Conrad Sangam has approached the governor of the state,  Ganga Prasad, with a letter having signatures of at least thirty-four lawmakers who has agreed to support the NPP-led government.

In the NPP-led front, there will be nineteen lawmakers of the NPP, six lawmakers of the UDP, two lawmakers of the Hill State Socialist Democratic Party, four MLAs of People Democratic Party, one independent MLA and two lawmakers of the BJP.   


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