May 20, 2024
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Congress accuses BJP for its bad fate in Karnataka


Undoubtedly, the Congress Party is not in a good position in Karnataka. In no way, the JD(S) the grand old party brought into its camp to hide its pathetic defeat in the last assembly election proves compatible. The Karnataka government is now the classic example on why two different people aim to travel towards two different directions should not be tied together. What the JD(S) stands for is entirely different from what the Congress stands for. At present, their only commonality is their rivalry to the saffron camp. The latest political development in the state is to be viewed through this prism.

Recently, the Congress Party accused that its lawmakers were hijacked by the BJP. And, it behaved as if it was in the herculean task to liberate its MLAs from the clutches of the BJP.

Does anyone think that the BJP is that foolish to destabilise a state government at the time the general election is less than three months away? No sensible ones think that way.

Today, the Congress is going to organsie its most controversial legislatures meet ever. The message has been delivered to all legislatures that no absentees would be left unpunished.

Can you see the politics in it? It is simple. The Congress wants to ensure the complete support of its lawmakers ahead of the general election. And, it wants to tell its lawmakers that any who fails to prove that would be viewed as a defector.

There are many parliament aspirants in the Karnataka Congress. But, the party is very sure that it cannot satisfy each one of them. The JS(S) is definitely going to ask a considerable number of seats. In this situation, the Congress is left with no option but to accept what the JD(S) puts forth. The biggest advantage of the latest move is there: no aspirant will dare to show his dissatisfaction in the election this time. Thus, the move helps the grand old party overcome its greatest fear.

It is not the only advantage of that move. There are many reasons to believe that the fear of the BJP destabilising the government, thus foiling the dreams of both the JD(S) and Congress, also aids to keep the JD(S)-Congress bond intact.  

How is it? For the old party, it is a win-win game. But, there is a hidden trap in it. The political future of many regional Congress leaders depends on how early they identify that trap.


Vignesh. S. G

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