May 27, 2024
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Confidence of Vision

Dr. Roy CJPrelude: A magnificent Personality – he has successfully created a business and an enterprise, and has handed over execution to his professional team – all in just 7 years from start.  The company runs on ERP, it is the most transparent and principled company in physical action and on web, and tens of thousands of families have already deposited their trust in this red and white firm.

Dr Roy CJ has set many distinct records in terms of business principles, implementation of unique concepts, and of systematic and transparent operations of a builder, all in a very short span of 7 years.

Read Below the excerpts of an interview with Ajith Ravi in a rare occasion where Dr Roy CJ returned back from Frankfurt after receiving the coveted Award ‘International Arch of Europe’.

What was this Award and what does it mean to you?

Business Initiative Directions is a European Company that surveys fast growing companies that drives on principles.  We are proud to have been recognized at such an early stage for growth and spread with highest quality standards.  After the highest CRISIL rating of 7 Star, this is another accolade that has come in search of us, which underlines our passion to deliver quality.

How did you get the idea to start the company?

Confident Group was started in 2006. Before starting Confident Group, I was a partner and Joint Managing Director of another real estate company, which was an extreme success. I have also worked for the multinational company Hewlett Packard from 1990 to 1997 from where I learnt the finer aspects of running a company professionally. I started Confident Group along with my co-directors with a unique vision of ‘Zero-Debt real estate company.’ Basically this was done to make sure that we invest our money before taking customers money into the project. We also made sure that every single project is run on zero-debt basis without availing of any sort of project loans to manage each of the project.

This way, during past recession, we were not overburdened with the return of project funding to the banks and also there was no interest to be serviced since there was no project funding.  This also sent a clear message that we are not collecting the advances from customers to retire the old debts of the company.  While starting itself we were convinced that these principles matter for customers, and being very tough standards, it was a herculean task to walk the talk.

What is your Inspiration?

Business leaders. I have the nature of getting inspired by successful business leaders at different times in life. I normally identify business leaders a few steps ahead of me for gaining intense inspiration and then emulate that leader.   Once achieved I then look at the next business leader to get the next set of intense inspiration. It would be very wrong if I say business leaders like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim or Mukesh Ambani inspired me. It is rather a successful local business leader who could be in India or Dubai who has intensely inspired me to achieve.

What will you say about Confident Group?

Our headquarters in India is in Bangalore and our world-wide initiative headquarters is in

Dubai. We have fast growing operations all over Kerala and we are the market leader in real estate in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram and our launch in Thrissur and Calicut has been well received. As per market analysis, we are the No 1 selling brand in Bangalore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur. We achieved a unique record “never before by a builder” of ‘Delivering nearly 1,000 flats in December 2012 in Kerala.’ With this delivery, we would have completed 100 per cent delivery of all projects launched on or before 2011. This is a rare distinction for any builder in Kerala.  This was followed by the CRISIL award to Confident Atria Kochi, with the highest rating of 7 Star.

What is the present status of the organisation?

Confident Group is the No 1 selling brand in Bangalore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur. We are launching exclusive ‘Confident Platinum Malls’ in Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasargod, Manjeri, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and other locations in Bangalore. These malls should contribute Confident Group a turnover of USD 1 billion dollars which is `5,500 crore in the next 5 years. This would make us one of the top 10 real estate brands across India.  We have strong intentions to optimise the way a middle class family lives and enjoys life including promoting quick decisions by offering luxury in economical homes, reaching to the B Towns with entertainment infrastructure and fill it with well crafted movies.  The Kerala Operations is led by Mr TA Joseph, Managing Director and Karnataka Operations by Mr Gafar Kandy, Managing Director.  They are supported by well-qualified and highly specialised Directors and General Managers in each function, whether it be technical, commercial or support.

ENT_MA_IMG_0801Major factors that contributed to your professional success?

Vision of the future. Due to clarity and intensity of the vision, I could conclude the organisational principles at the start itself.  This helped to put all my efforts to build that exact enterprise and business that I visualised. In the absence of this clarity, I feel that any entrepreneur, despite starting a venture will tend to go with the wind and eventually lose track in life. My exposure in large size MNCs in new age industries and my entreprenuerial spirit converged at the right mix and the result is there, loud and large in front of all.

How do you tackle challenges in your business?

Any negative situation I consider as an opportunity. I look deeply for positive aspects in every challenge and have always been highly successful.  One of the biggest and most important successes of Confident Group is the motivated team. Today, we have close to 3,000 team members. At Confident Group, even during recession we have not retrenched a single employee but we have given bonus and salary increments every year and also salary on-time every time. This again is rare in the real estate industry.   Keeping them alert and focused in real time environment is well done by the board of directors and this not only ensures delivery of quality to customers but also Job security and guarantee to the employees.

ENT_FL_IMG_0886How do you evaluate your strengths and weakness as a business man?

My strength as a businessman lies in the marketing and branding talent in me. I also have a very strong vision and high focus on implementation. Once I decide something; come what may, I get the team to implement the same. When in crisis of an employee be it professional or personal, I am always right behind them. The weakness people say I have is the extremely fast decision making and I have always found this to be a major advantage. I can equally take various styles of instructing and guiding based on the personal style of my team members.

How do you keep your body and mind fit?

I play golf and regular workouts and walking in the park.Hobbies/special interestsMy biggest hobby is doing business the right way, producing cinemas, motivating team members and creating brand ‘Confident Group’.


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