December 6, 2021
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The Heights of Success The Building of India’s biggest Debt-free Real Estate Company

INDUS, KOCHIConfident Group, is a rapidly growing conglomerate, headquartered in Bangalore with operations in Kochi, Trivandrum, Trichur, Calicut, Dubai and Singapore.

Confident Group is diversified into six verticals, namely- Infrastructure, Hospitality, Aviation, Entertainment, Education and Health Care.

The Group is currently deploying 115 projects in the infrastructure sphere, which includes Gated communities of Townships, Villas, Apartments, Commercial Towers, Malls, Software Towers & Parks, Hotels and Resorts. The Group is the Largest Owners & Operators of Hotels + Resorts in Bangalore and also in the process of implementing similar Projects across different locations in South India. The Group is also setting up three schools across Bangalore, which can be used superiorly by every Confident Home buyer. The First School is already under Operation with exclusive tie-up with the famed Gear Foundation for Higher Education.

The Group’s projects completed and those in pipeline are of Gigantic proportions, 115 large projects spanning across 5,45,65,450 sq. ft. of Land and Construction across prime locations in Bangalore, Kochi, Trivandrum, Trichur, Dubai and other locations. There is no doubt, Confident Group is a giant player at large in all its spectrums of operations.

Confident Group is implementing 115 projects that are at different stages of completion, many of these Projects have been completed ahead of schedule and numerous Customers are residing happily. The total turnover projected on these 115 projects is an astounding $ 1 Billion!

The Group has in-depth knowledge in quality & system orientation and is an accredited certified Conglomerate with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality management System, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and OHSAS. 18001: 2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series Certifications. The Group is a “Zero Debt Group” which means that the Group is implementing and controlling all operations without any external source of funding.

The Indian Entertainment Industry is growing at a phenomenal pace, offering remarkable opportunities to structured organizations . At Confident, we believe these opportunities exist across demography and languages. The Film Industry is also an Excellent Branding Vehicle taking the Group’s name to all sections of the Society. ORION, TCR

Business Verticals


Bengaluru-based conglomerate Confident Group with operations into six verticals including hospitality, infrastructure, aviation, entertainment, education and health care, plans to operate 10 hotels in Bengaluru during the next five years. The group will launch its fourth property, Confident Aquarii in Bengaluru by 2009 end. Confident Aquarii is a five-star resort, which will have 75 rooms and will mainly target the leisure clientele.

Presently, the group has three hotels operational in Bengaluru, Confident Cascade at Bannerghatta Road, Confident Propus at Langford Road and Confident Iris at Brigade Road. According to Gaffar Kandy, Director of Sales, Confident Group, “We look forward to be the largest hotel and resort chain under a single brand in Bengaluru by 2014. Presently, three hotels are operational in Bengaluru. We plan to set up 10 hotels in the next five years. Lands have been acquired at different locations in Bengaluru to develop hotels, resorts and golf course.”


This is the first Learjet in India and a Learjet is what a Ferrari is in automobile. This is the most expensive plane in its category. This has a seating capacity of 8. Confident Group is also acquiring one more plane and a helicopter in this Dubai Air show. This makes the total fleet of Confident Group to 4, the largest in South India Charter Airline.

GOLD COAST , TVMEntertainment

We are committed and excited to be a part of India’s entertainment factory with our own gallery of blockbusters to show! We are also in the process of building Multiplexes, In-house Film Processing facilities, In-house Production Equipment and Film Cities. In Short a Totally Integrated Film Production Unit, thereby bringing in Economies of Scale to the Total Business. The Entertainment division at Confident Group believes in a Strict Zero Debt policy and no film or associate ventures are funded or under loans from external sources.


Confident-GEAR Montessori Plus is an initiative from Confident Group to provide exemplary education within the proximity of Confident projects’. After successful functioning of Confident GEAR Montessori Plus School for past 2 Academic years, we are commencing the functioning of Confident- GEAR Creative Leadership School located at Sarjapur.

At Confident-GEM Plus style of teaching enhances learning through objective observation and application of logic. Social GEMINI TCRand intellectual discipline comes through self-motivation and hard work. Spontaneous progress of the child is the greatest triumph of this Scientific Pedagogy. Our program is designed to help children broaden their basis of information, through concepts, acquired foundation skills & positive learning attitude; we sharpen the students’ perspectives and abilities by channeling their talents through a wide spectrum of areas, which promote the growth of students’ reasoning, creative thinking, and research skills.

We follow an enhanced Montessori Method of Education inspired by the Reggio Approach and Multiple Intelligences Incorporated. Admission system in a Montessori Environment permits children to start school at age two-and-a-half, before which the parents should have finalized their child’s admission, when the child turns two years old. In the Montessori system academic or Calendar year is not relevant while pertaining to admission, only the child’s age plays a major criterion.


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