July 12, 2024
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Communal violence jolts Kasganj


An Uttar Pradesh town which has no previous history of communal violence and clashes, Kasganj, has been jolted for the first time by the communal violence.

The murder of a man located in the region is the key factor that has sowed the seed of the communal clashes in the city, which has been until recently one of the peaceful cities of the state.

An unfortunate fact is that though the location where the violence has erupted has been just meters away from the nearby police station, no action have been taken to prevent the occurrence of the incident at the initial stage.

It has been the bullet injury that has taken the life of the man on whose name the violence has been erupted. The police are yet to identify the real culprit. As per the report, they are awaiting a forensic report.

Meanwhile, a violent mob, in the name of the murder, has attacked the house from where the murdered man has been allegedly targeted.

As per the report, the mob has ransacked the house and caused serious damages on the properties.

The authorities -though have failed to act in a timely manner- have deployed the Rapid Action Force teams to prevent the occurrence of such events in the future.

The local residents have claimed that it was those came from outside the region which disturbed the peace of the region.

They have also complained that most of the local people arrested by the police in connection with the communal violence had no involvement in the crime.


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