June 20, 2024
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Commentary: That Unforgettable Wound

The Students Federation of India is one of the largest students’ organisations in the country. It is the students’ wing of the most powerful leftist party in the country, the CPI (M). This students’ organisation in the past has spearheaded several popular students’ movements across the country. It has received several appreciations for their contribution in the sector.

The reports coming from the Indian state of Kerala for last few days about the activities of this organisation in a collage in the state’s capital district of Trivandrum indicate that the leftist students’ organisation is no longer eligible to hold the aforesaid accolades. If these reports are believable, the organisation has already walked far way from its rich past, and forgotten its ideals of freedom, democracy and socialism.

According to the reports, a couple of days ago, a student study in the collage situated in the heart of the city where no party other than the SFI is allowed to function was brutally stabbed a couple of times by a leader of the SFI unit of the collage. As per the reports, the student who suffered the brutal attack was not the member of any other organisation but the SFI. Why the SFI student was stabbed by the SFI leader? According to the reports, it was an attempt made by the SFI third year student to sing a song and sit under a tree inside the campus of his collage was what that prompted the SFI leader to stab the student who was the past of his own organisation.

If a student study in a collage, where the SFI has complete control, and which come under a state in which the leftist CPI (M) rules, has not right to express his/her interest to sing a song and sit in a place where he/she wants, then what do the ideals of freedom, democracy and socialism inscribed in the flag of the students’ wing of the CPI (M), the SFI, actually means.

The actual SFI has many stories of true sacrifices to tell. That SFI does not know the language of Fascism. It only knows the language of freedom –ultimate freedom. It always stands for that.

If this organisation is purposefully contaminated to safeguard the interest of few criminals who have accidentally infiltrated into this great organisation, it is wrong.

Its true supporters have every right to show red card against that wrong, and save the organisation for the future.

The future only wants the True SFI, not its Contaminated Version.

Vignesh. S. G
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