June 14, 2024
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Christiano Ronaldo and his Unique bond with his mother Maria Dolores Aveiro

The attachment between a mother and her child is unique. She is always there to defend her child, teach a valuable lesson when necessary, and make difficult decisions that will ultimately benefit her child.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a well-known footballer who does not require an introduction. He has amazing personality characteristics that almost make him ideal. His relationship with his mother, Maria Dolores Aveiro, is one of these characteristics.

In one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s interviews he was recently asked “Why does your mother still live with you. Why don’t you build her house?” The football player’s response turned out to be very touching to the heart:

“My mother reared me up by sacrificing her life for me. She went to bed hungry to feed me. We had no money. She worked 7 days a week and worked nights as a cleaner to buy me a pair of football boots so I could play. My whole Success is dedicated to her. And as long as she lives, she will always have everything I can give her. She is my sanctuary and my greatest gift.”

During his early years, he formed a bond with his mother. His father was an alcoholic who was absent from his family. Maria became Cristiano’s only source of support, as well as that of his two sisters, Elma and Lilianna Catia, and brother, Hugo. Cristiano and his siblings had a tumultuous upbringing.

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