May 29, 2024
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Chen of EXO to enlist on military this month

Kim Jong-dae popularly known as Chen, a member of K-pop boy band EXO, will join the military later this month to complete his mandatory military service, his agency said Friday.

The 28-year-old, whose legal name is Kim Jong-dae, is about to enlist on Oct. 26, consistent with SM Entertainment. The agency didn’t elaborate further on the venue and schedule of the enlistment.
“I will fulfill my duty with a fit mind and body in order that I can come and say hello as a more mature person,” he said during a handwritten note posted on the fan community Lysn. Three members; D.O, Xiumin, Suho of exo is already in military.
Chen released his new single “Hello” on Thursday. He became the daddy of a daughter in April following a surprise marriage announcement in January.
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