January 27, 2022
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Centre rejects collegium’s recommendation over judge appointment

As per the report, the government has returned nearly half of the names recommended by the collegium. The high court judges are nominated by a collegium of judges headed by the Chief Justice of India. By rejecting the proposal forwarded by the collegium, the centre government has intentionally or unintentionally paved the way for a confrontation between the two pillars of the Indian cIt is learned that the collegium recommended nearly seventy-seven names for appointment as the high court judges. Out of this seventy-seven, nearly forty-three names have been immediately rejected by the political executives. Experts claim that it is not good to create a direct confrontation between the two powerful elements of our constitution.


They added that if it is not sorted out effectively it may lead to total stagnation of the administration. Anyway, the centre government approved around thirty-four names included in the list. The Supreme Court had earlier blocked a proposal, seeking a National Judicial Appointment Committee, initiated by the political executives. It seems that the Supreme Court and centre government still possess different opinion on the judge appointment issue. However, it is clear that the Supreme Court will not accept any proposal, which enables the political executives to politicise the judicial system.On the other hand, the political executives always try to procure an upper hand over the judicial system.





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