August 6, 2021

Centre launches norms for ‘No-Fly’ list


Giving a strong message to those people who think that the International and domestic aeroplanes are the place to show their political strength and position, and in order to make sure that the airlines staffs are getting the kind of protection and respect they deserve, the central government have released the norms for the ‘No-Fly’ list.

In the recent past, a prominent political leader misbehaved with the flight staff. The issue triggered serious discussion across the country around the issue.

It is learned that the growing number of cases related to the issue has prompted the government to release the aforesaid list.

As per the information, the unruly behavior of the passengers has been mainly categorised under three levels: verbal, physical and life threatening.

Those passengers who do verbal unruly behavior with the flight staff on the flight will get three months flight ban, while those passengers who try to physically hurt the flight staff on board will get six months flight ban.

The third one is the most serious ban. Those who try to put the life of the flight staff in danger by attacking them seriously might get a lifetime ban.

It is learned that the aforementioned list will be prepared by the airlines and enforced and maintained by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the airline regulatory authority of the country.


Vignesh. S. G

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