September 26, 2021
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CBI is independent, will remain independent: says Director

While dismissing the allegation about the political interference in CBI investigations, CBI Director last day assets that the Central Bureau of Investigation is an independent agency.

Clarifying his point, he claims that not a single political leader have demanded favor during his short tenure. He further emphasized that the agency have recently achieved some notable achievement and it will reassure the confidence of the public.

Giving a small hint about the future big plans, the agency is trying to locate the infamous underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is absconding for the Indian police since Bombay blast.

Without explaining more details about the case, he expressed a positive hope about the new goal.The CBI Director admits that his agency got international support to capture Chhota Rajan, another infamous underworld don who was recently arrested by the CBI from Indonesia.

Recently, during the Ranjit Sinha tenure, the CBI had received severe criticism from the Supreme Court for their loyalty towards ruling government.In a critical statement, the SC had even termed the agency as a caged parrot.

Even though the new director claims that he have distanced himself from the political hammer, the recent events gives different idea.

However, as far as the agency shows commitment to cut down crime rate, people can give a blind faint in all claims.



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