May 28, 2022
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‘Can arrange Drug Chat are all Jokes’; Actress Ananya Pandey to NCB

Actress Ananya Panday has claimed that her WhatsApp chat with Aryan Khan, who was previously in NCB custody in connection with the drug party case on the luxury ship, was a joke. The NCB had found that the two had been communicating through WhatsApp about the availability of cannabis (Ganja). During the interrogation held yesterday, Ananya replied to a question about this saying that what is in the chat is a joke. Zonal Director Sameer Wankade’s response was that NCB is not a production house.

In a previous WhatsApp chat, Aryan asked Ananya if she could arrange cannabis. Ananya replied, “I will raise”. Ananya told the NCB during questioning yesterday that this was a joke. Ananya is adamant that Aryan Khan did not deliver the cannabis even after three days of interrogation. Ananya appeared before the NCB at 2.30 pm yesterday after being directed to appear for questioning at 11 am.

Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat with a newcomer actress was produced in NCB court on Wednesday while considering Aryan Khan’s bail application. This actress is Ananya Pandey. The NCB found that the two had chatted on WhatsApp on three different occasions about cannabis. This is the chat for 2018-19. NCB sources say that out of the three requests made by Aryan, two were for himself and one for use in a collective. The NCB suspects that Aryan had given Ananya the numbers of some drug dealers and that Ananya had delivered Aryan cannabis. Investigators have seized two of Ananya’s phones. One of these is an old handset and the other was bought months ago. The NCB will check all the data on these phones. Meanwhile, Ananya’s interrogation will continue on Monday.

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