May 25, 2024

Besan Ladoo



Gram Flour – 4 cup

Sugar – 6-7 table spoon

Butter – 2 table spoon

Nuts – Finely Chopped

Cardamom Poweder – 2tps




Take a  frying pan and add butter while on low-medium flame. Once the butter begins to melt, start adding flour.  Keep mixing until whole flour seems to be coated with layer of butter. Feel the aroma and mild browning of the besan .  Remove from the flame. Any further heating would get a burnt flour taste in your ladoos. So keep a close watch on the changing colour and aroma. Add the Sugar to the roasted besan (off the flame) and mix well.  Add more sugar if required. Once sugar is mixed properly spread the same on a tray covered with foil and let it cool just enough that you can touch it to make the ping pong balls with your hands. Finally the ping pong balls so prepared should be kept on the aluminium foil with proper spacing so that ladoos do not stick to each other or to the tray and their shape is retained as they dry.




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