September 23, 2021
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Avoid Blame Game and be Responsible

blame gameToday, our society is being infected by an illness that could be dangerously contagious and eventually seriously affect our entire nation. It’s nothing but the irresponsible “blame-game” we all tend to do every time. .This can weaken any one which   would reflect on our nation in due course of time.

We see people not being responsible on what they do. For instance, for failing in any situation, people often put the blame on others. Irresponsible parents blame teachers when their children do not do well in academics. Politicians blame the opposition party for everything. No one is ready to accept personal responsibility for their own failures.

When we fail to accept personal responsibility for our actions, we inevitably fall into the blame-game trap. As long as we do this, we will never resolve our personal or national problems

A story about some sea gulls in a fishing village is worth mentioning here. For many years, they were fed on the scraps the fishermen left and when the fishing industry in this area was closed, they had forgotten how to find food for them. In the end, these sea gulls died of starvation. The same principle applies to us too. When we are over-dependent, we destroy our growth and maturity.

One of the great principles we need to stress on to keep our society healthy and productive is the principle of personal responsibility. It’s a principle that needs to be programmed and etched into our belief system from our childhood. It has to start from the family teaching how to demonstrate at every phase of our lives. This will reflect in our behavior and manners. Though we are not responsible for our upbringing, we are fully responsible for what we become. It is interesting to see how people view responsibility now days. Following examples will make clear what I am trying to convey.

“If a man cuts his finger while slicing a mango, he blames the Knife.

“If a person is a chain smoker for many years and die of lung cancer, the family of the victim blames the tobacco company.

“If a person crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames his vehicle or the median on the road.

“If children are unruly and irresponsible, the blame falls on television.

This is the pattern of our life. We are reluctant to accept the responsibility for our choices and accountable for our actions. We are comfortable to be in ‘’not my fault’ status.

It is important to know, two of life’s greatest abilities are dependability and responsibility. Both are closely related. When Dependability keeping the commitments we make, Responsibility is realizing that we are responsible for our actions.

No matter what happened in the past, we are responsible for what we do about it and for what we become. As another has wisely said, “I may have been a victim in the past, but if I remain a victim, I am now a willing volunteer.”

As long as we fail to accept personal responsibility for our lives and blame others for the difficulties we have, we will never overcome them. No matter what situation we are in, we are always contributing something to it. Our responsibility is to see what that is and to correct it.

It is true that people who take complete responsibility of their ‘life’ experience joy and confident in any circumstance. They are able to make right choices and be accountable for them. We are responsible for our Lives.

This is the fundamental principle one must adopt if plan for happiness and success in life. In my profession, I have met many who are reluctant to take responsibility for their not up to the mark performances and failures. According to them, everything is someone else’s fault. No one can live your life for you.  When we repeatedly do anything for others that they can and need to do for themselves, we can make and keep them over-dependent, immature and irresponsible. It is not the loving thing to do. It is being irresponsible. You are in charge and each event in your life is the result of choices you made or making.

So, empower yourself behaving responsibly to make life meaningful.

Here are some steps you can take to become a more responsible person

  • ‡             Listen to the experienced
  • ‡             Don’t nose around in other people’s business
  • ‡             Stop making excuses
  • ‡             Do any work assigned gracefully and timely.
  • ‡             Give hundred percent commitments in whatever you are asked to do.
  • ‡             Be genuine in everything you involve.
  • ‡             BE trustworthy
  • ‡             Listen to yourself.
  • ‡             Try to be the best and shine wherever you are.
  • ‡             Be accountable for everything.

Some of us are prone to believe that our failures are created by others. What we need to understand is that YOU and I are responsible for what we become. Need of the hour is nothing but personal responsibility.

Sheela Abraham


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