September 27, 2020

Ask the Beauty Expert

I have a lot of blackheads on my face. Is there any home remedy for it?

There is no home remedy besides steaming. You can use besan with lemon juice to scrub, but extraction will be required. So, I suggest you do a cleanup at a professional place.

“Whenever I try to pop a pimple, it ends up enflamed. Is there a safe way to pop a zit?”

Yes. Pimples are formed because the body is trying to push out infections. However, squeezing pimples actually causes more harm than good by destroying the tissue and causing inflammation. Don’t squeeze! Instead, clean a needle with heat or alcohol. Lance the pimples with the sterilized needle; while staying parallel to the skin pierce the raised white part of the blemish and pull up. You can then gently squeeze out the pus without causing more damage to your skin.


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