October 3, 2022
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Corruption Scandal Against Tayyip Erdogan

Corruption Scandal Against Tayyip ErdoganThe Prime Minister of Turkey has stated an accusation against the political enemies of having hacking encrypted state communications in order to stage a fake phone conversation which suggested that he had warned his son to hide large sums of money before police raids in a graft inquiry which had reached into the government. Tayyip Erdogan stated that it was a shameless and treacherous “montage.” Though he did not name who he had held responsible he made it clear that he was talking about a network run by former ally, Islamic cleric Ferhullah Gulen.

The head of the main parliamentary opposition insisted that the conversation was genuine, telling to Erdogan that the advice is to either flee the country, take the helicopter, or resign. The supporters of Erdogan who is tied up in a power struggle with Gulen whom he is accusing of spreading a scandal to bring him down were chanting “Tayyip, we came here to die with you,” “stand tall, don’t bow,” and “time is on our side.” In response to his supporters standing strong for Erdogan, he stated that “the people don’t believe these lies.”

Through his lawyer Gulen described the accusation of the content in the tape recordings as unjust and contributes to an atmosphere of “hatred and enmity” in the Turkish society. The opinion polls which were taken before Monday’s posting show that Erdogan’s popularity was not slightly affected by the corruption scandal which had broken out on December 17th with the detention of the businessmen close to him and three ministers’ sons. The tape from Monday will be proving further that the resilience ahead of the March elections.


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