April 18, 2024
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Around 103 criminals killed in two years, boasts UP police

In response to a criticism triggered by BSP leader Mayawathi, the UP police have boasted that they have killed as many as 103 criminal suspects in the last two years.

Earlier, the BSP chief mocked the UP police, advising them to take inspiration from the Telangana police, who recently killed four criminal suspects.
Some are unhappy with the message that the exchange of words between the former CM and the state police force gives.

The exchange of words has come at the time a section of the society is criticising the way the Telangana police handled the issue.

There is no justification to taking the law of the land in the hands by those who are responsible to protect and enforce the law in the land.

The big question that the Telangana incident raises is that weather the police have the right to take the law of the land in their hands.

The more depressing thing is that even people who hold responsible positions in the society see the said incident through the eyes of heart.

What they forget is the nation has the duty to let the law take its natural course even if it feels that inconstant with its emotions.

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