May 28, 2023
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Aravind Kegrival names his movement” Aam Aadmi Party”

After two months after he announced taking the electoral route, former India against corruption member Aravind Kegrival announced the title name of his party. his movement is now termed Aam Aadmi Party The formal launch of the party is at Jantar Mantar on Monday.  “Today common man has gathered here and whosoever has gathered here is a common man and this common man is going to its party… Almost 350 people will gather and form the party… Today we will form a national council… The main vision of this party is true democracy,” Mr Kejriwal said today.

The activist turned politician’s decision to enter political arena after parting with his mentor Anna Hazare ways has met with mixed reactions. Most of his followers hope that his party will be a welcome change in India’s history.


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