November 30, 2023
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Here’s ‘the oldest & the only elephant to be living beyond 100 years’

Indian Forest Service employee Susanta Nanda recently posted a video of the oldest elephant in the world, giving elephant fans even more cause for celebration. Vatsala, a 105-year-old elephant, is shown in the video waving its trunk and standing calmly in a field while wearing chains around its leg.

The only elephant in the world to live past 100 years is Vatsala from Panna in Madhya Pradesh, according to Nanda. He further stated that the pachyderm was essential in keeping track of tigers while they were being reintroduced to the Panna Tiger Reserve.

Since being shared on Sunday, the video has received more than 14,000 views. Many users were thrilled to meet Vatsala, but many others were annoyed by the elephant’s chains.

“Vatsala…meaning affectionate or loving… a fitting name for her. May God grant her continued good health for many years to come,” one user wrote. You revere this big elephant while keeping it in shackles, a different user wrote.

Notably, Chengallor Dakhshayani, who passed away in 2019, was older than Vatsala. Asia’s then-oldest captive elephant had been recognised by Guinness Book of World Records. According to the BBC, the elephant known as Gaja Muthassi, or elephant granny, had taken part in processions and temple rites at Chengallor Mahadeva Temple in Kerala.

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