June 22, 2024

App-based car driver booked for abandoning woman customer in deserted location

A driver of a renowned app-based car service company has been booked by the Bengaluru police on the charge of endangering personal safety or life of others.

The action has been taken against the driver on the complaint given by a woman customer than he abandoned her in a deserted location when she asked him to take her to the destination, where she wanted to go, through a highway and opposed him selecting an deserted route over the highway for the destination.

The driver, against whom the woman has filed her complaint, has been released on bail after the arrest procedures.

Many have demanded stiffer action against the cab driver. In the recent past, similar incidents have been reported from the state. The repetition of the incidents like this worries the company as well as its customers. The incident has badly damaged the image of the company.

Had the company done thorough background check before offering jobs to drivers, the incidents like this could have been avoided.

It is expected that in future the company will be more cautious when it selects drivers for its cars.

The reputation of a brand is very important for its success. If it fails in that front, its business will suffer badly.

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