December 11, 2023
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AP prepares to dismantle LC

Peeved at the way certain key bills have been handled by the Legislative Council, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has decided to dismantle the council.

At present, the state is ruled by the YSR Congress. The party enjoys a huge majority in the Legislative Assembly. But, its strength in the Legislative Council is limited to less than nine.

Recently, the council has sent back for reconsideration two sensitive bills such as the AP State Commission for Scheduled Castes bill, which aims to establish an exclusive commission for the Scheduled Castes in the state, and the AP Education (Amendment) bill, which seeks to enable the conversion of the medium of instruction of Class 1 to 6 in the schools in the state to English.

The YSR Congress considers the stalling of its key bills by the Legislative Council as a clear politics.

In the 58 member AP Legislative Council, the TDP, the main opposition party, has over 29 members.

The possibility of the increase in the strength of the ruling in the council heavily depends on the outcome of the upcoming local body election, as the eight seats which is going to get vacant on the year 2021 belongs to the Local Authorities Constituencies quota.

The urgency shown by the ruling to dismantle the council proves the YSR Congress is worried about the outcome of the upcoming election and is desperate to rule the state without the burden of checks and balances.

It is with the support of the YSR Congress the BJP has managed to get the controversial CAB passed in the both houses of the parliament – especially in the Rajya Sabha where the BJP does not enjoy a clear majority singlehandedly.

Anyway, the dismantling of the council is not easy. First, the proposal is needed to be passed in the AP assembly and then, it is to gain the support of the parliament.

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