September 17, 2021
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Anu Sithara styles in have a monjathi in Neeyum Njanum

first look of Sharafudheen's 'Neeyum Njaanum' Actress Anu Sithrara is all next for her new movie Neeyum Njanum, the trailer of the movie is out recently. The trailer features Anu Sithara and Siju Wilson’s starring recording ‘Akhila Kerala radio Nadakolsavam.’
The video has a whisper of true love and it’s the horizon. Anu Sithara is seen donning a thattam in the film. Actor Sharafudheen who often played comic roles and have villainous performance in Varathan who has impressed the Malayalam audience. Neeyum Njanum is directed by AK Sajan. 

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