February 23, 2024

All about Vaishali’s Art Cart

There is nothing more valuable than discovering one’s artistic journey and if one could reflect on it; an inspirational journey starts. 

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A bit about yourself, family and all about Vaishali’s Art Cart?

I am a small town girl from Maharashtra. I left my hometown to pursue my dreams of education and to do something in life. I am a B. Pharmacy graduate and a Clinical Research Professional. I have worked in corporate in and around India (Clinical Research Industry) for more than 7 years.
In 2011, I got married to my love of life (Prasad Shetty). Later, with my will, I quit my job with the arrival of our son Aarav. As I wanted to take care of him (Aarav is 5yrs now) completely. When Aarav turned 3 of age, I started to get some free time and that’s when I started to paint. As a child, I use to paint but never got a chance to learn it professionally. My father used to paint so whatever I know a little bit about painting, it is through observing his art – he was also a self-taught artist.

About Vaishali’s Art-Cart –
In 2016 Feb, I casually participated in an exhibition at Indiranagar clubhouse in Bangalore. Within three weeks time, I came up with a series of paintings which I exhibited there. And that’s the day Vaishali’s Art-Cart was born. The first painting which I sold in that exhibition – I decided to make that as my company logo. Among the 10 paintings that were the only painting, I could sell in that exhibition. I am extremely happy it went out well.
I don’t have any fancy support system from my house. I get 3 to 4 hours per day to keep Vaishali’s Art-Cart going. But yes if I have any orders based on emergencies, I make it a point to complete within the targeted date. I try to do art /craft every day and now it has become a way of my life.

In the month of September 2016, I got prepared for another exhibition for Diwali in Bangalore. This time I did both art and craft. Came up with quirky, innovative craft series and launched home decor series, as well. Executed my art in craft products and came up with creations which could be used by customers not just as decoration but something more purposeful. Like fridge magnet, jewel boxes, coasters, visiting card holder, ethnic tray, key holders, nameplates, clocks for boys and girls, quirky clay home decor. etc. That exhibition was a hit and since then I felt there is no going back.

In 2017 I did another successful exhibition at Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore. Till today I have created more than 300 products and sold more than 220 since October 2016.
I have created a range of products which has now become the face of Vaishali’s Art-Cart. Dot painting is my forte (masterpiece) which I learnt on my own. Dot painting is a very new concept in India, as its aboriginal form of art, which is quite famous in Australia. Its meditative way to paint with dots. Only dots are used in painting with acrylic colours. Even a small piece of size 12 inches by 12 inches, I create has more than 1500 dots. It’s a work of patience and precision.

Other popular products I make are Quirky gifts and unique range of products without missing its quality. Like Leaf shaped visiting card holder, A clock which has bugs (made of clay), Royal Enfield Clock for bike lovers, kitchen home decor, garden decor, Nameplates for house etc
I love doing modern, contemporary and abstract art. Recently I have been working on fluid art and blow art to create series like Volcanic Lava, Galaxy paintings etc. Most of my art creation is sold through top e-commerce platforms from India and through popular exhibitions Bangalore offers.

That “one thing” you never got tired of crafting?

Dot painting, I feel it’s an integral part of my crafting life. I always get appreciation from my circle of friends or from the people around me about my dot paintings. That’s my identity now and yeah, that marvels me! 

An accomplishment you consider to be the most significant in your career?

There are many listing out few…

_20180323_153534In October 2018 – I was one of the artists along with other 250 artists from India to exhibit my paintings at a prestigious art fair “Mumbai Art Festival” at Nehru Center, Mumbai. This show was such a success for me as thousands of people have appreciated my work which indeed motivated me a great way.

In November 2017 – Vaishali’s Art-Cart’s first debut on the Television screen happened. I got an opportunity to feature my art on “Surabhi” show for “Kasturi Kannada” TV channel. In this show, I had given a demo on how to prepare jar clock and decorate jewel box with dot painting.

In April 2017 – I got a chance to do something for the society. Where a group of 10 women artists painted 16 huge walls on Harlur road, near Sarjapur main road with Bangalore and Karnataka theme. We completed this project in 2 months where we used to decorate the walls every weekend from 6 is to 12 pm. I was fortunate enough to lead this project with some amazing women artists.

What’s that impulse for you to start VAC, career ambition?

Impulse was to create something unique, quirky, never done before by anyone! My career ambition would be to start a line of my own products under “Vaishali’s Art-Cart” brand for both Home Decor and Home Interior to cater to all types of audience.

As a women artist and entrepreneur, what’s the biggest challenge you face professionally?

As a women entrepreneur no such challenge professionally I encountered. It’s just as we being women our home/family is our first priority and rest all things follow. Which in a way I am happy with it.
Though as an entrepreneur I face a lot of challenges like managing time, keeping yourself on toe especially in my case as I have very limited time (3 to 4 hrs per day) to manage my business. But it’s exciting as it makes me more productive.

So what’s that next big thing VAC going to launch? 

I would soon be launching my official website. I would also be conducting workshops for kids and elderly people based on dot painting. I believe dot painting is a meditative form of painting, it actually takes out negativity from the body. In a way it can heal a person, it has been an art therapy for me. I also have plans to take some workshop for kids and adult for clay home decor etc.

What is the role of an artist in the society, you think? 

I feel Artists are the soul to this world. They beautify the place with their art and in the same way they do beautify the lives of people around and so the world. Artists’ mind is the purest form with no judgment. Each person has a different perspective of looking at things and that’s the beauty of art and artists, we see the world differently. I feel an artist can keep a balance in life. Like Art and Science goes hand in hand so we need both Artists and Scientist for YinYang (Sign of balance in Chinese) of life.

What’s your inspiration while you paint?

Whenever I paint – I think of my Dad, he is my only inspiration. I always wished if he was around to see all my creations.

Vaishali’s philosophy tip to the young women entrepreneurs out there?

My message, especially to all the Girls/Women & Homemakers, would be;
Two to Three hours of dedication to do something for yourself is more than enough, which might turn you into an entrepreneur. It could be anything from small to big, so let it be either making the small Crochet bags, Ladoos, making pickle or anything creative which you love to do the most.
You never know what you will start with and what you will end up making an entrepreneur. The most exciting part of being an entrepreneur is like finding yourself and what you are really capable of. If you enjoy doing work with immense of handwork and keep patience has a top priority, it ensures a successful path.

I believe in below philosophy, not sure who penned it, “We all are GOOD at what we are Doing -But- We can be BEST at what we Really Want To Do or Love To Do.”


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