June 14, 2024
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Over 2000 booked in connection with Sabarimala protest


As many as two thousand people have been arrested in connection with the violent protest that erupted in the state after the SC held that no woman devotee on the basis of their age or any other factor should be restricted to enter the place of worship of their choice.

As per a report, the police authorities would arrest more people in relation with the violent protest. It is learned that most of the arrestees have been charged with severe charges, including the changes used to punish those involved in the public property destruction.

Notably, according to a report, the majority of the arrestees are the members of the RSS and BJP. That fact has invited severe criticism. The right-wing leaders, particularly the BJP leaders, have termed the ongoing arrests allegedly targeting the rightist leaders as a politically motivated move. Some leaders have even warned the ruling regime against its alleged attempt to stifle the voice of dissent with force like an autocratic regime.

The state government has not responded to such allegations. As per a report, the stiff police action is intended to stop the people from engaging in such irresponsible actions in the future, particularly when the South India’s famous hill temple, now controversial temple, Sabarimala, opens for the ‘Makaravilakku’ season, which is set to start next month.


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