February 25, 2024

Albania: a splendid world of ancient castles


Albanian Riviera situated in the south-west region of the country is popular for its music and fun. It has hosted some International music concerts, like Soundwave Albania and Turtle Fest. Notably, we could categorise this coastline as one of the peaceful beaches of Europe. Apart from swimming, sunbath, and music, the night clubs are the other attractions of the region. In order to celebrate their weekends, the European youths from across the continent frequent to this destination. Folie Marine and Havana Beach Club are some of the finest clubs where you can enjoy a mesmerising weekend.


Apollonia was an important city in the ancient world. It is named after the god Apollon. This ancient city is exactly located in the heart of the county. The ruins of the Apollonia showcase the rich history of Albanians. It will take us to the glorious past. We can see libraries, temples, theatres and many more unexpected things among these historical ruins. It will give us a brief insight over the depth of Albanian civilisation.



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