August 14, 2022
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‘Advance Condolences and Anti-National Comments on the facebook Page of Swami Bhadraananda’; Reports by Tatwamayi News

As per the reports of Tatwamayi News, yet another shocking news that has rocked Kerala by the savagery of Islamist terrorists.

The appearance of jihadis on Swami’s Facebook page with ambiguous threats and condolences to Swami Bhadraananda, who is an obstruction to the anti-national activities against Sanatan Hindus and Sangh Parivar activists, has further disturbed the community.

While Kerala is a paradise for Islamic extremists. They’re targetting the Sangh Parivar activists or the Sanathan Hindus who share their thoughts and ideas in society by terrorising them.

Jihadists are going crazy for a long time witnessing Swami Bhadraanand’s persistent response to support and help the Sanathanis who are being constantly attacked by these anti-nationals. Swami Bhadranand is the voice of the Sanathanis, the eternal tormentors of the traitors who fought fearlessly against jihadists and the drug cartel in the history of South India.

Swami Bhadraanand is the only South Indian revolutionary to respond strongly to these Islamist terrorists in Kerala who are mocking PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and the Indian Army on social media.

The report says that in the year 2008, Communist jihadi gangs wrecked the Hindu monasteries, ashrams and temples in Kerala, insulting all the Sanathanis in the name of a fake saint Santosh Madhavan. When the Hindu devotees were brutally attacked and oppressed in those days, Kerala saw no one other than Swami Bhadraanand respond and resist these attacks on Hindus then.

People will not forget the allegations of Communist government, jihadists and their media carried out against Swami and imprisoning him four times on false charges and trying to murder him three times.

By speaking out differently against the wickedness of society and through his prophecies, Swami Bhadraanand was a man who made history.

According to the reports the jihadi government even tried to silence Swami by imprisoning him for fifty-nine days on a charge of secularism for predicting on social media about terrorist activities in Kerala.

In many ways, jihadists utilised the government of Kerala under their control to overthrow Swami, but he resisted fearlessly from Kerala. However, Swami moved to Karnataka after realizing that even the Hindus in the state were less interested in guarding the Sanatana Dharma.

When he shifted his constituency to Karnataka, the jihadis were strengthened by the fact that there was not even a single monk by name to speak out against jihadist violence in Kerala. But Swami’s struggle for the Hindus of Kerala while in Karnataka has confused the jihadists. These jihadists also revealed that Swami will be assassinated in Karnataka since many extremists from Kerala have active groups in Karnataka.

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